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I am sitting in Minnesota right now at a hotel as I write this. Tomorrow, I will have to check out and move to another hotel because this one is completely booked solid and they have decided not to honor the remainder of my reservation. Why is this happening? Because in a couple of weeks, the Republican National Convention will be taking place less than five miles from here and the campaign workers are already starting to arrive and apparently the RNC is paying more than I am.

This has forced me to reflect on the last eight years, what they have meant for me and our nation. I have also put some time in thinking about what lies ahead for my country. And while reflecting on this latter point, I must state that I cannot believe how poorly the Democrats have failed America this time around.

I think its safe to say we’re all going to get to endure John McCain as our next president for a variety of reasons. Polls are now showing that Obama has fallen behind McCain. If the elections were to be held today, McCain would be the guy. First of all, the Democrats insist on appointing the wackiest of two very wacky candidates. Hillary had alot of issues to overcome to be electable, including distancing herself from her controversial husband who Democrats like to pretend only committed the misdeed of having his carrot waxed by an intern when we all know there was more to it than that.

Obama on the other hand, had far more issues to overcome. The first big issue is his complete and total lack of experience in running, well, anything. Could he lead the country? Many, myself included, have their doubts. Why do we have these doubts? Because he has not proven he can run anything in the past. Another major issue is his lack of a plan. He has all kinds of ideas (which he talks about in his many speeches using big words and charm) but he never gets around to talking about his plans. If you listen to him talk, its all noise and buzz words. He’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil by supporting alternative energy. That’s great, but how does he plan to do it, exactly? Is he going to offer subsidies, a tax break, fund programs, pray for a reduced dependence on foreign oil, cast a spell on Shell, something else? And herein lies the issue. Ideas with no plan to make them reality. Crap in one hand and put ideas in another, see which hand fills up quicker. Ideas are great, but without a detailed, workable plan to implement them they aren’t worth even so much as a red cent.

Then there is the small issue of running a black guy for president in the first place. And yes, for all you who want to whine that race doesn’t matter, I am here to tell you it does matter. Plenty of people will not vote for a black president right now. They are simply not ready. Whether that is unfair or right is beside the point. And everyone knows this, yet we all – for the sake of political correctness – bury our heads in the sand about this and run the guy anyway. And in our rush to not offend anyone and always remain vigilant in our task to remain politically correct, we rush to give this guy the ticket and let him run for the gold. The principle of affirmative action may be acceptable for deciding college admissions applications (well, not really, but for the sake of argument…) but it should not be tolerated or acceptable when choosing someone to lead a nation. Especially a nation like ours that is in trouble.

I am confident of only a few things, but one thing is my unwavering confidence in the fact that the voters in this country will get the government they deserve this November. People in this country are so damned stupid. Like a flock of sheep, they have allowed the masters of deception (those who run political campaigns) to herd them up and distract them with every non-issue under the sun from abortion to gay marriage while they are busy plundering our country, diluting our sovereignty and making the almighty dollar damn nearly worthless. Good ideas for solving these problems go ignored and unconsidered. What happens to sheep that allow themselves to be herded up enough times? They get slaughtered. And that’s exactly what is gonna happen to the US taxpayer when McCain gets in. He’ll make the Bush dynasty look like a picnic.

I don’t consider myself a member of any of the political parties anymore. I don’t know if putting a Democrat in would fix the problems we face. I don’t think anyone knows and we could debate that until Armageddon. But I am certain that we need a break from the Republicans for at least four years. And this is where we get to the charge I leveled at the Democratic Party – collectively and as a whole – of failing our country in the most miserable and pathetic manner possible. You see, it is the job of the Democratic Party to present us with a viable candidate when an alternative to the Republicans is needed like . And instead, they gave us Barrack Obama. Perhaps the most unelectable candidate they could have found anywhere after diligent search and inquiry.

Its pretty much a sure thing that we’ll all get to endure John McCain. But we can thank the Democrats for making it so. All they had to do this time was present a viable, electable candidate because so many people are so fed up with the Republicans it should be child’s play. But instead, they gave us Barrack Obama.


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I just ran a piece over at In Corruption We Trust about how our economy is going to shit. Folks would be wise to wake the hell up and pay attention to whats going on. But they wont. Pretty soon though, the racket is going to be too loud to sleep through and some people are gonna have to get out of bed whether or not they want to.

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Most anyone who knows me is well-aware of my love for United Parcel Service. Usually, you are better off driving to pick something up than have it delivered by these guys.

So today, UPS comes by to deliver my order from American Notary Suppply. I recently formed two new corporations and thus ordered two new Corporate Seals. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday – on Friday. So when I heard the knock at the door at around 4 PM – I was not at all surprised. When I got to the door, I was surprised to see a little note hanging on my door indicating that they were “trying to deliver” a box but no one was home and the parcel was signature required so it could not be left at the door step.

It was a maximum of 30 seconds from the time of the knock to the time I opened the door. But the UPS guy was already gone. I could hear the truck roaring out of our driveway and I thought about chasing after it, then I noticed how it was 107° F here and decided against it. He must have had the note all ready to go and used a stick to knock on the door from his truck.

So in the end, I am left with two choices: wait until Monday for them to deliver again what they should have delivered on Friday, or have it held and make the 40-mile trip up to the package center to retrive my package. Neither of which was very appealing. So I did the third option, and that was call Customer Disservice and unload my frustration on them. Of course, they would not make the driver come back and service the customer like he should have to begin with and despite the fact that they were “sorry for the inconvienence”, I’m still screwed. And UPS still sucks.

While DHL cannot follow instructions 9 time out of 10 and the post office always messes some aspect of a transaction up (usually the part about being nice to the customer at the window – thier clerks are so rude its not even funny) both are better options than UPS.

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