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With most broadcasters and even cable networks putting their entire shows (and not just clips) online, one has to wonder if the television as we know it has not been rendered obsolete. From full length movies to an entire season of a television series, its possible to get pretty much everything online now. Of course, watching everything on a computer is not the most comfortable thing to do.  So perhaps televisions may do other things in our homes, like act as large monitors to display images from our computers.We know this is possible with the technology of today, in fact the center of most progressive home entertainment systems is now a powerful computer and not a home theatre box.

But has the idea of television as we know it – a device dedicated to displaying signals received either from a pay cable service or over the airwaves – become nothing more than a memory? I think we are getting closer to that day as companies with products like Netflix with its streaming on-demand TV and Apple with its iTV begin to offer ala carte content on an as needed, when needed basis. It started with the DVR, the ability to watch things when we wanted to watch them, not when some suit in a corporate office somewhere decided they would air. We are moving into a world when we can be entertained when we want, where we want and how we want.

Blackberry and Palm showed us a cellular phone could be more than just a phone. Apple with its iPhone showed us that a phone can be fun and productive at the same time. The possibilities are kind of exciting to think about. Next week, Apple is expected to announce the debut of a tablet computer. What kind of innovation will this bring about? Are we about to enter an era where the laptop becomes irrelevant?

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