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Gonna be a short post tonight, kiddies. Yesterday, I finished downloading all four seasons of Dexter and I am still watching them, so I am gonna cut right to it:

So I was playing with my new iPhone and something came across the Tweeter (thats what I call Twitter) from News9 asking followers to vote on whether or not Ronald Reagan should be put on the $50 bill. Out loud, I uttered “What the fuck?” and clicked the link, which was broken. So I did a Google News search and – sure enough – one idiot in Congress (Patrick McHenry) is wanting to put Ronnie on the $50. I know he is a hero of the conservatives and all, but this is just ridiculous.

As the country is going bankrupt, you have these idiots out there arguing about whose face should be printed on the increasingly worthless paper. Imagine the irony! What a joke. Tell ya, folks: the tea party movement may be onto something. I think its time to show the bastards the door.


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