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One thing that is really ripe for activists to target is the FDA’s ban on blood products from men who have had sex with other men since 1977. For those unaware, when you donate blood or blood products, you are asked a series of screening questions. One  of them is if you have had sex with another male since 1977. If you answer yes, your information will be added to a nationwide registry of people banned from ever giving blood or blood products. The supposed reason for this is because us fags are supposedly at increased risk for HIV infection.

I’m so sick of hearing about this, I’m considering taking legal action to bring about an end to the practice. I think from a legal standpoint, a case could be pursued against the FDA using a variety of tactics. I wont discuss my strategy ideas just yet, as my attorneys and I still reviewing them. But this is part of a greater cause. The FDA is one of the only government agencies that is actively discriminating against gays openly, proudly and without apology. They are doing this by libeling homosexuals as group and saying that we are more likely to carry a disease than another group of people when there is no truth at all in the statement. Of course, this is having the effect of reinforcing homophobic public opinion.

Those who know me and read this might find this funny, since most are aware that I am currently engaged in a subversive campaign of donating anyway by lying about my sexual orientation at the screening booth each time I go in. Well, I am considering telling the truth one of these times when I go through the screening booth and letting them go ahead and ban me. Then the fun will begin – and y’all thought my gay license plate lawsuit was the only ace I had up my sleeve? Oh please. I’m just getting started.


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