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This is one of those posts that’s likely to make some folks unhappy. But its really the way I feel and now that I have a separate profile for work, I can be myself here and tell you what I really think. It has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog of mine, I think its time I get back into creative writing. I feel better after I have shot a load of juicy rambling onto the Internet for you all to lick up.

So hey, why not tell you something about me that you may not already know. This post will be a window into my deep, dark soul.  If you read my profile, you know I am a fag, I like to fuck other guys and I have my political views. You might know I am a flaming homo, but you might not know much more than that. For instance, you might now know what kind of guys I like or which way I like to take it. This note should clear up any of those questions for you. And if this is a case of TMIO (Too Much Information Overload) simply turn the channel. No one makes you read my Facebook blog, but you read it anyway because its so horrifyingly interesting you can’t turn away. You choose to read, absorb and learn about me. Almost obsessively for some of you. So no complaining that you saw something you didn’t want to see, OK? Alright then, lets begin.

Simply put, I like Twinks. But I don’t stop there, I am a very discriminating consumer of pornography. I like a special brand of twink: the effeminate twink with the beautiful little ass, the high voice, the flexible body and the little fohawk that’s real pointy at the center of the head, usually the result of lots of hair glue and that young, sad little face that tells me your life story in the blink of an eye. Your usually popular, way out of my league and cute as all hell. Ignorant people might say you are a boy trying to be a girl, but I say you are a sweet young thing who knows exactly what he wants but never ends up getting it. I love you because you are so capable of sweetness on a level that your average homo just doesn’t get. There are not the words to describe it.

I say this because you always wind up in an abusive relationship, being some asshole’s bitch who neither loves you nor deserves you. Maybe you are submissive and like that role. But I think you are just settling for what you seem to attract. Since its all you attract, you settle for it and close your mind to other possibilities. For me, a twinkie is something to be loved and cherished. Held as thought it were made of glass and easily broken. Praised early and often, told how beautiful and smart it is. When you come home from work, I can’t resist rubbing you down and working the tension out of you. You live a pampered life under me, someone who takes care of your every need because he loves you.

Some of my friends in the leather community don’t understand my fascination or approach with the twinkies. They tend (in my experience) to see twinkies as something to be broken, bent and made to submit. I disagree, twinkies are my equal, if not my superior. If anything, I should exist to serve them, not the other way around. My leather friends tell me that some twinkies love this abuse and I don’t doubt it. But as I recently proposed to a friend of mine after she posted some provocative photos about their culture online who dabbles in the role playing, leather and/or BDSM communities (they are all one to me, but try telling them this and you’ll get yourself castrated), I could work with these communities. They could break the twinkies and I could fix them. A team effort, if you will.

People who know me and know who I crush over know which ones I have crushed hardest for. They all fit a particular mold. I never have found a twinkie who meets my criteria thats willing to put up with me. Maybe one day I will. Until then, I will enjoy the anonymous and risky sex and the circuit culture as I keep taking twinkies for a test drive. If I go through enough of them, maybe I will find one that meets my needs. What do you think about twinkies? Love them, hate them, envy them? Does this post make sense? Have I just put a big piece of evidence online that could be used to commit me to an asylum? Do you all think I am a closet member of NAMBLA now?

If there is some adorable little barely legal effeminate twink reading this who knows that his role in life is with someone who loves him, adores him and lives through him, then please, introduce yourself. It can be between us and no one has to know. Break the ice. I have been waiting to meet you all my life.


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