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Gonna be a short post tonight, kiddies. Yesterday, I finished downloading all four seasons of Dexter and I am still watching them, so I am gonna cut right to it:

So I was playing with my new iPhone and something came across the Tweeter (thats what I call Twitter) from News9 asking followers to vote on whether or not Ronald Reagan should be put on the $50 bill. Out loud, I uttered “What the fuck?” and clicked the link, which was broken. So I did a Google News search and – sure enough – one idiot in Congress (Patrick McHenry) is wanting to put Ronnie on the $50. I know he is a hero of the conservatives and all, but this is just ridiculous.

As the country is going bankrupt, you have these idiots out there arguing about whose face should be printed on the increasingly worthless paper. Imagine the irony! What a joke. Tell ya, folks: the tea party movement may be onto something. I think its time to show the bastards the door.


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It wasn’t until I went looking that I discovered what a piece of shit Mary Fallin really is. Right now, she is the problem of those living in the fifth congressional district in Oklahoma. But soon, she will be everyone’s problem as she is a front runner in 2010 for the governorship. Its not that often that I just come out and blast someone in the first paragraph and call them utterly worthless. Fallin is an exception to that rule, and I am about to tell you why in this case its warranted.

Here are more than a dozen reasons why you should not vote for Fallin based on verifiable facts, like her past voting record:

  1. In 2007, she voted NO on H.R. 3915, a bill to regulate the sub-prime lending industry.
  2. In 2007, she voted NO on H.R. 3685, a/k/a ENDA, a bill to extend workplace protection to queers.
  3. In 2009 she voted NO on H.R. 1913, a bill to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the definition of hate crimes.
  4. In 2007 (H.R. 1257) and again in 2009 (H.R. 3269), she voted NO on allowing shareholders to vote on executive compensation.
  5. In 2008, she voted against H.R. 7068, a bill to provide tax credits for alternative clean energy
  6. Also in 2008, she voted against H.R. 5351, another bill to provide tax incentives for folks to conserve energy and use green energy.
  7. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 3221, a bill to invest in bio-diesel from American-grown crops.
  8. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 2264, which sought to criminalize cartels like OPEC.
  9. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 6, which would have ended subsidies to oil companies for exploration and production.
  10. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 3920, a bill which would provide benefits to workers displaced by globalization (read: more cheap plastic crap from China).
  11. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 985, a bill which would protect whistle blowers from being fired.
  12. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 800, a bill which would have made unionizing easier and kept employers from firing those who tried to form unions.
  13. In 2007, she voted against H.R. 2, the bill which raised the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour.

She has shown for the last several years that she is unfit to lead. No amount of pre-election advertising, posturing or spin is gonna change whats already been shown. So do whatever you have to do to ensure that friends don’t vote for this bitch in 2010.

Source: Ontheissues.org.

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For those who aren’t aware, I have organized a picket of Sarah Palin’s book signing in Norman. As with any public event, you always have a few naysayers and those with uneducated viewpoints. But I am really tired of hearing from a certain class of them right now. I have mentioned them before in past notes, but clearly they aren’t getting the message. So allow me to debunk the falsehoods about Sarah Palin and my picket once and for all.

Palin Picket Myth #1: If We Don’t Show Up, Palin Will Get Less Attention

Dream on. If picketers don’t show up, she’ll get even more attention. Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot, uneducated, burying their head in the sand, taking queues from Cimmaron Alliance Foundation or a combination of the above.

You see, the way the news media (which is coming regardless – I have talked to alot of editors and station managers region wide in the last few days, all of them have it on their agenda to cover either themselves or through their affiliate network) works is this: they allocate slots of airtime (or column inches in the printed world) to stories they know for a fact are going to be runnable. They also usually lead the newscast with them and fill in with other stories as they happen. A former vice-presidential candidate coming to the area is one of those types of stories.

So lets say the stations give her a three minutes or 180 second slot. This is probably the amount of time she will actually get. Most news stories are either 30 or 60 second slots. And the newspapers give her, oh, 30 column inches. Now, if no protesters come, the only thing to write about and talk about and show photos of is Palin. Keep in mind the story is going to be written or aired regardless. If you don’t honestly believe that, like I said… time to wake up. Now, lets assume some protesters come and make alot of noise and the newscasts spend 60 seconds talking to them and the papers five column inches writing about them.

Guess what? That’s space and airtime that would have carried a Palin-sponsored message, but now carries our message. Palin just lost attention. Her message got diluted. And since its common to write/talk first about the event and then about any picketers, we also get the last word on the topic. People have short attention spans and short memories, first and last impressions are most powerful and most recalled.

Palin Picket Myth #2: Sarah Palin Isn’t Really Going to Run in 2012

She may not. But most experts feel she is getting ready for a run based on the areas she is visiting. Most areas are in battleground swing states that make or break presidential elections.

Palin Picket Myth #3: Sarah Palin Can’t Win in 2012

This is just good, old fashioned stupidity showing its ass. This same kind of thinking gave us George HW Bush for a president and Sally Kern for a representative. At other times in history, it gave us Adolf Hitler and two world wars. After all, we all knew Hitler wouldn’t really kill all those Jews, right? He was just joking about it in Mein Kempf. Obviously, he did kill the Jews and those who underestimated him were clearly proven wrong.

The fact of the matter is many Republicans find Sarah Palin to be sexy and intelligent. Right or wrong, that’s what they think. Many have compared her to Rush Limbaugh. If Rush were to run, do you think he could win? Most conservatives consider him a hero. He wouldn’t even have to work for their votes. Could he turn a few disgruntled Democrats and promise a few favors to various faction leaders to secure enough votes to take the cake? Yeah, he would have a damn good shot of being successful if he tired. But he has refused to run in the past, despite pressure to do so. Palin hasn’t.

Sarah Palin is a dumb, hateful, stupid bitch. That much we all know and most of us agree on. But it doesn’t matter what we think. People we have felt exactly this way about before have run for office and won. But the party has shown its willing to support her. In fact, she became more popular than her running mate, a sign of a dangerous candidate who is poised to break out of the box and go on a tear. I am sure there were plenty of people who thought Hitler would never go anywhere as a politician too. Opps.

I don’t ignore potential problems, I look for ways to rid myself of them sooner rather than later. And allowing Palin to win the oval office and then dealing with her only then is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard in my life. This is a problem that should be nipped in the bud now.

Palin Picket Myth #4: If We Picket Sarah Palin Now, Barak Obama Cant Easily Get Re-Elected

I have been contacted by several members of the Democratic party who I won’t name (not yet, anyway) who have asked me to please call off the picket. Their line of thinking: if Palin decides not run, Obama might not get re-elected because the Republicans may run a more moderate, intelligent candidate who can spin more convincingly.

First off, Obama has been a worthless president and just as bad of a liar as Palin. So him not being re-elected may be a good thing. But even if we assume that Obama is worth being re-elected, why would we let a dangerous homophobe like her have a shot at getting the largest platform in the world from which to spew her hateful rhetoric? I have a better idea. Lets not let either one of them on the ballot.

Palin Picket Myth #5: The Republican Party is on the Decline, They Can’t Get Palin Elected

Yeah, right. Republicans still have many, many die hard supporters. Most of them are in rural America which controls a huge amount of electoral votes in key swing states. Republicans are still the favorite party of big business and its megacorps that have all the money, not the Democrats welfare moms, illegal immigrants and environmental groups. Need we be reminded that a nuclear bomb, even after having been deactivated and turned off for a time, is still a very dangerous item indeed. The same with the GOP. Despite the fact that they have some issues in their house, they can still raise money and they can still get candidates elected to office.

Palin Picket Myth #6: Everyone Sees Through Palin’s Lies, No One Will Elect Her

Gee, then how did she become the governor of Alaska? Somebody must have voted for her. And lets remember what a couple of hundred million dollars in spin and media buys can accomplish for a candidate. People like Carl Rove are pros at turning bullshit into golden soundbites. And the last time I checked, Rove was on the GOPs team. He damned good at what he does.

Palin Picket Myth #7: Even If Elected, She’s Too Stupid to Get Anything Done

That’s what alot of people thought about George HW Bush and look at all he managed to get done. He destroyed the economy, started two wars, toppled a foreign government, gave away billions to his banker buddies, exported millions of jobs and raised taxes. If that’s what a stupid person can accomplish, I’d hate to a smart one in action.

The bottom line is this: Sarah Palin is a growing threat to freedom now and later. If you sit on your ass and pretend like you are solving problems by ignoring her, then you are only making matters worse. Silence is consent. If you don’t like what you see going on around you and you say nothing to oppose it, you are deemed to have consented to the activities that took place in full view of you. So in other words, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

I’m tired of talking to people who are part of the problem. I don’t care what you have to say, nor do I care what you think. Go away. Leave me alone. Spread your negativity elsewhere. Sit on your ass and while I fight for the rights you don’t deserve, continue to try and discourage participation and turn folks against steps undertaken for real change.

Because together, you “lets pretend like she can’t win and doesn’t hurt anyone” idiots are undermining the cause for rights of all gay people, including me. And you know what? I take that pretty fucking personally. So don’t get upset when I call you on it.

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I am sitting in Minnesota right now at a hotel as I write this. Tomorrow, I will have to check out and move to another hotel because this one is completely booked solid and they have decided not to honor the remainder of my reservation. Why is this happening? Because in a couple of weeks, the Republican National Convention will be taking place less than five miles from here and the campaign workers are already starting to arrive and apparently the RNC is paying more than I am.

This has forced me to reflect on the last eight years, what they have meant for me and our nation. I have also put some time in thinking about what lies ahead for my country. And while reflecting on this latter point, I must state that I cannot believe how poorly the Democrats have failed America this time around.

I think its safe to say we’re all going to get to endure John McCain as our next president for a variety of reasons. Polls are now showing that Obama has fallen behind McCain. If the elections were to be held today, McCain would be the guy. First of all, the Democrats insist on appointing the wackiest of two very wacky candidates. Hillary had alot of issues to overcome to be electable, including distancing herself from her controversial husband who Democrats like to pretend only committed the misdeed of having his carrot waxed by an intern when we all know there was more to it than that.

Obama on the other hand, had far more issues to overcome. The first big issue is his complete and total lack of experience in running, well, anything. Could he lead the country? Many, myself included, have their doubts. Why do we have these doubts? Because he has not proven he can run anything in the past. Another major issue is his lack of a plan. He has all kinds of ideas (which he talks about in his many speeches using big words and charm) but he never gets around to talking about his plans. If you listen to him talk, its all noise and buzz words. He’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil by supporting alternative energy. That’s great, but how does he plan to do it, exactly? Is he going to offer subsidies, a tax break, fund programs, pray for a reduced dependence on foreign oil, cast a spell on Shell, something else? And herein lies the issue. Ideas with no plan to make them reality. Crap in one hand and put ideas in another, see which hand fills up quicker. Ideas are great, but without a detailed, workable plan to implement them they aren’t worth even so much as a red cent.

Then there is the small issue of running a black guy for president in the first place. And yes, for all you who want to whine that race doesn’t matter, I am here to tell you it does matter. Plenty of people will not vote for a black president right now. They are simply not ready. Whether that is unfair or right is beside the point. And everyone knows this, yet we all – for the sake of political correctness – bury our heads in the sand about this and run the guy anyway. And in our rush to not offend anyone and always remain vigilant in our task to remain politically correct, we rush to give this guy the ticket and let him run for the gold. The principle of affirmative action may be acceptable for deciding college admissions applications (well, not really, but for the sake of argument…) but it should not be tolerated or acceptable when choosing someone to lead a nation. Especially a nation like ours that is in trouble.

I am confident of only a few things, but one thing is my unwavering confidence in the fact that the voters in this country will get the government they deserve this November. People in this country are so damned stupid. Like a flock of sheep, they have allowed the masters of deception (those who run political campaigns) to herd them up and distract them with every non-issue under the sun from abortion to gay marriage while they are busy plundering our country, diluting our sovereignty and making the almighty dollar damn nearly worthless. Good ideas for solving these problems go ignored and unconsidered. What happens to sheep that allow themselves to be herded up enough times? They get slaughtered. And that’s exactly what is gonna happen to the US taxpayer when McCain gets in. He’ll make the Bush dynasty look like a picnic.

I don’t consider myself a member of any of the political parties anymore. I don’t know if putting a Democrat in would fix the problems we face. I don’t think anyone knows and we could debate that until Armageddon. But I am certain that we need a break from the Republicans for at least four years. And this is where we get to the charge I leveled at the Democratic Party – collectively and as a whole – of failing our country in the most miserable and pathetic manner possible. You see, it is the job of the Democratic Party to present us with a viable candidate when an alternative to the Republicans is needed like . And instead, they gave us Barrack Obama. Perhaps the most unelectable candidate they could have found anywhere after diligent search and inquiry.

Its pretty much a sure thing that we’ll all get to endure John McCain. But we can thank the Democrats for making it so. All they had to do this time was present a viable, electable candidate because so many people are so fed up with the Republicans it should be child’s play. But instead, they gave us Barrack Obama.

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